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Multicultural mix

A Brussels-based telecom company engaged our services to analyse customer names and their presumed origin. This initiative allowed them to identify community representation, facilitating the development of tailored offers for various segments.

Tricky Turks

A shop in Limburg is performing poorly despite the proximity of many residents. Indeed, the location of sales reveals a meagre market share. We also identified the predominance of the Turkish community, which contrasts sharply with the origin of the customers. The shop, operating with a generic national concept, lacked an adjusted product range and didn’t have sales staff from the same background as the local public.

Macabre market

A leading funeral services provider accommodating Christian and secular families, had plans to expand. Using our knowledge of the concentrations of different cultural communities and the age distribution, we determined the expected number of deaths among the Western inhabitants of each neighbourhood. This insight highlighted growth prospects for both existing and new establishments.

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