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Exact expansion

A fashion market leader already has many branches in Brussels, making expansion managers reluctant to make new proposals. We first locate existing customers at street level. We then analyse the impact on turnover of the residential public and passers-by, identifying the strongest and weakest existing shops. This enables us to prioritize new locations according to projected sales, ensuring sufficient demand and footfall without cannibalising existing shops.

Conceivable closures

A pharmacy chain explores the potential recovery of sales through the closure of certain nearby outlets. We locate their sales and model the redirection of purchases towards its own and competing outlets as a function of size and distance.

Exceptional environment

A high-profile healthcare professional aiming to establish his private practice seeks guidance on the ideal location. We locate his competitors and the target audience. And yes, we identify an affluent, well-populated area without competitors. He opens his practice there and remains thrilled with his decision years later, thanks to a flourishing business.

Progressing pedestrians

A ready-to-wear chain seeks to anticipate potential relocations in shopping streets. For each store, we pinpointed the prime locations with the highest footfall.

Contested concept

A national retailer aimed to capitalise on the growth of a specific market by launching a new shop formula for local consumers. We mapped the demand and the competition, advising against such a concept due to destination shopping in a broader area and the imperative for increased specialisation with a larger sales floor. Despite our caution, the client proceeded with the project. Within a year, the pilot shop closed, and the project was abandoned.

Cunning cannibalization

Our customer was considering opening a second shop in the Liège shopping area and wondered whether this was a good idea. The clientele there is mainly made up of shoppers. Through intensive observations, we mapped pedestrian flows and determined the percentage of pedestrians who would also pass in front of the new location.

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