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Coastal complexity

A supermarket chain tasked us with evaluating a potential coastal site. We had already mapped residential food spending at street level based on income and family size. However, what about residential tourism? We delved into the occupancy and consumption patterns in second homes and campsites, pinpointing their locations at street level. Only then did we commence our study, much like we do nearly every week in different parts of Belgium.

Failing footfall

There are two health shops in the same shopping centre. Our client is not enjoying the same success as his direct competitor and is looking for the reasons. We deployed observers in front of the two shops and noted a disparity not only in footfall, but also in the ratio between foot traffic and visitors. The issue, therefore, isn’t solely about the location but also pertains to visual appeal.

Shrunk spent

We conducted an evaluation for a new pharmacy site near a hospital. As customary, we visited the location. Discussions with hospital management revealed that the few consultations would translate into medicine purchases. Additionally, on-site exploration uncovered that the new residential area is exclusive to young families, negatively impacting expenditures. Consequently, based on these findings, the expansion project was shelved.

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