Explore the power of ethnomarketing

Why opt for Target Search?

Unlike colleagues who let their genealogical database perform some automatic matches, we work directly with your data. For instance, we separate first and last names so that your IT team is not a hindrance. We identify unrecognized names and deduce average incomes based on the address. In essence, our goal is to meet your needs.

Enhance your customer insights

Thanks to our extensive database comprising millions of first and last names, we can deduce that Jan is likely a Dutch-speaking man, Ilham a Moroccan woman, Oleh a man from Ukraine, and Akua a Ghanaian woman. These insights are derived from onomastics and genealogy.

Is there a distinct consumption pattern for consumers of a particular origin? The answer is both yes and no. Much like you and me, people share common habits, but they also retain specific cultural aspects unique to their background.

As a marketeer navigating an increasingly diverse society, seizing every opportunity to tailor your offerings to the unique needs of each audience is paramount.

Customer segmentation for direct marketing

The applications in direct marketing are evident. By enhancing your database with suspected gender and origin, you can identify whether specific groups tend to gravitate towards certain products and strategically target this segment.

We won’t elaborate on the evident advantages that come from integrating income information or the proximity to an outlet.

Shop segmentation

In the context of a shop network, you undoubtedly want to know e.g. in which cultural environment they are located, whether specific products are sufficiently highlighted and whether your salespeople possess the right sensibility for the audience.

Discover the impact of ethnomarketing on your business!