Explore the power of geomarketing

Shop location studies

Wondering if your next expansion will bring profitability to you or your franchisee? Naturally, we don’t have a ready-made answer. Let’s delve into the impact of consumer numbers in your catchment areas, their income levels, potential origins, and traffic for your sales network.

This not only provides insights into the performance of your current stores but also outlines prospects for new locations.

Expansion studies

Extend this approach to cover all of Belgium or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This yields a prioritized list and white spot map, empowering your expansion managers to precisely target the most promising locations.

Customer profiles

Unlock the potential of geomarketing by segmenting your customer base. Utilizing socio-demographic data, including origin and gender derived from names, provides access to invaluable insights.

Boost your sales by strategically promoting high-performing products to previously untapped target groups.

Door-to-door distribution

Are your flyers distributed via BD Media or Distripost in the optimal region? Our experience suggests that by fine-tuning the region, you can achieve significant cost savings or substantially expand your reach among potential customers.

Discover the impact of geomarketing on your business!